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Design Requirements

Due to my inability to find any other blogging engine that met my needs as well as was easy to configure/deploy, Akisi must have the following design elements:
  • .Net 5.0
  • MVC 5
  • C#
  • Local File Storage or MSSSQL Storage
  • Bootstrap
  • Easily Installable
  • Easy to Update
  • Heavily Documented

Business Requirements

Before any project can begin, and for it to be successful, it must have requirements. This project is no different. I did however want something to model Akisi from, and thinking through all of the blogging platforms I've used in the past, one stands out as being one of the easiest to configure/deploy. WordPress. In its early life, it was a simple (and effective) blogging platform that allowed users to create a new blog, create a post, and show an archive of posts based on specific date groups. Akisi should perform the same. So, some business requirements should be implemented:
  • Membership
    • Ability to add user(s)
    • Ability to add role(s)
    • Ability to add/remove role(s) for user(s)
    • Password Reset / Notification
    • User Profile
    • Automated Registration / Confirmation
  • Blog Post
    • Ability to add post(s)
    • Post State (Draft/Published)
    • Post Security (By Role/User)
    • Post Category(s)
    • Post Attachment(s)
    • Post Meta Data (keywords)
    • Comment(s)
  • Page
    • Ability to add page(s)
    • Page State (Draft/Published)
    • Page Security (By Role/User)
    • Parent Page
    • Page Attachment(s)
    • Page Meta Data (keywords)
    • Comment(s)
  • Media
    • Ability to manage uploaded media
    • Accept almost any file type
  • Administration
    • Coming Soon...

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